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In 2021 Biometric Technology Rally at the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) and Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Maryland Test Facility, Trueface in combination with acquisition system “Long” scored the Rally’s highest True Identification Rate for masked faces (operational focus overall). Learn more.
Ranked Top 10 NIST in Genuine Match Speed

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Trueface has developed a suite of SDK’s and a dockerized container solution that harness the powers of machine learning and artificial intelligence to transform your camera data into actionable intelligence. Facial recognition, object detection and spoof mitigation technologies are all easily deployable on your infrastructure, creating safer and smarter environments for your customers, employees, guests and more.




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Bias Mitigated

The benefits of computer vision technology cannot be fully realized until equitable results across all ethnicities and genders has been achieved. Trueface partners with firms around the world to ensure training data is representative of the world’s complete population.


Powered by a team of ML engineers implementing cutting edge deep learning techniques, Trueface is capable of performing 1 to 1 face recognition template match comparisons in less than 200 ns.


Trueface has been validated by industry standard tests for its accuracy at scale. No matter the environment, one one camera or thousands, Trueface has trained its production algorithms using hard-to-get data and weighted edge use cases from high angles to ensure accuracy no matter the deployment.


Biometric technology requires the utmost level of security. On-premise deployments can be spun up on the cloud, metal, or even at the edge, ensuring that no data ever leaves its designated infrastructure. Spoof technology also identifies malicious and fraudulent identity attempts.


Trueface was forced to adapt due to the COVID - 19 pandemic and the introduction of universal mask wearing.  Trueface quickly realized the need to train face recognition on masked and occluded faces and the results were extremely impressive.  The results of the Maryland Test Facility Biometric Rally for Masked Faces for entry came in at a true positive rate of ~95% compared to the median true positive rate of 77%.

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Trueface is proud to be a reliable and trusted partner to its clients, leading the western biometrics industry in the responsible deployment of computer vision.
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“With Trueface facial recognition, we can validate the identity of every person on a worksite with 100% certainty.”

Reid Rubinstein
CEO, Field Control Analytics
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