Leading the world towards unbiased facial recognition.

Make your world safer and smarter.

Ranked Top 10 NIST in Genuine Match Speed
Ranked Top 10 NIST in Genuine Match Speed

Transform your camera data into actionable information

Trueface has developed a suite of SDK’s and a dockerized container solution that harness the powers of machine learning and artificial intelligence to transform your camera data into actionable intelligence. Facial recognition, weapon detection and age verification technologies are all easily deployable on your infrastructure, creating safer and smarter environments for your customers, employees, guests and more.

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Why Trueface?

We offer only on-premise computer vision solutions which increases data security and performance speeds for our partners.
Trueface's platform-agnostic solutions are trained specifically for each deployment and work in a variety of environments.
We place the utmost priority on the diversity of training data ensuring equal performance for all ethnicities and genders.
Our Technology
“With Trueface facial recognition, we can validate the identity of every person on a worksite with 100% certainty.”

Reid Rubinstein

CEO, Field Control Analytics
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World Aviation Festival 1st Place Best StartusAnalytics india Top 9 Best Face Recognition SoftwareCogX Best Innovation in Computer VisionFedscoop 2020 Industry Leadership AwardGoodfirms Top 10 Face Recognition CompaniesPhocuswright Startup of the Year
Ranked Top 10 NIST in Genuine Match Speed

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