Expand the Limits of Your Security Capabilities

You have already deployed security cameras. Now use the data cameras collect to their full potential. Identify bad actors. Automatically detect weapons. Make your spaces safer. All with Trueface computer vision technology.

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Facial Recognition
Weapon Detection
Space Analytics
Age Recognition
Facial Recognition
  • Person-of-Interest recognition and programmatic alerts for known criminals and bad actors
  • Access control - primary / secondary / tertiary authentication to restricted areas
  • Improved on-premise security
  • Enhanced security analytics
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Decreased security risks
Weapon Detection
  • Automatically detect firearms and knives when present in camera feeds
  • Programmatically send alerts to predetermined security teams
  • Reduce cognitive load of security teams’ responsibility to monitor camera feeds
  • Stop violence before it starts
  • Dramatically reduce response time to violent incidents
  • Increase security for employees, clients and visitors
Age Recognition
  • Verify age for restricted places and purchases like alcohol and tobacco
  • Significantly reduce the cognitive load of security teams, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks
  • Reduce risk of selling to or servicing minors
Space Analytics
  • Set up alerts for when a subject occupies a defined area monitored by camera
  • Understand how people move through a space
  • Detect suspicious packages or suitcases left lingering
  • Increased security analytics
  • Enhance operational efficiency
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