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Trueface was born out of a hardware access control company in 2017 with one mission...

...to make environments safer and smarter for all through the responsible use of computer vision.

Tysons, Virginia Headquarters

Why Us?

As a team of artificial intelligence and machine learning experts holding multiple patents in the field, this mission has driven us to develop robust computer vision solutions that make our clients' environments safer and smarter. We strive to deliver technology that performs equally well across all ethnicities and genders.


Trueface can perform 1 to 1 face recognition template comparisons in under 200 ns. When deployed at scale, every nanosecond counts toward providing a frictionless end-user experience or a faster decision advantage for our partners.


Computer vision is a powerful tool, and at Trueface we are committed to ensuring that EVERYONE benefits from this technology. That’s why we publish reports on our own algorithm’s bias and give away some of our trade secrets without anyone asking. We believe a rising tide (of knowledge) raises all ships.

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We have developed the knowledge of deploying our SDKs, RESTful APIs and no-code solutions in almost every environment: air-gapped, on-premise (cloud and self-hosted). While we are proudly built and headquartered in the United States, our partners span the globe and represent over ten different industries.

Trueface acquired by Pangiam

“We are thrilled to join the talented team at Pangiam who share our core values to provide equitable benefit to all through computer vision technology. The complimentary technologies that Pangiam has assembled will enable the Trueface team to execute more quickly and fully realize the opportunity of its technologies like facial recognition,”

Shaun Moore
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