Mission-Critical Computer Vision Solutions

Trueface computer vision solutions can be implemented to further your agency’s mission around the world. 

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Facial Recognition
Age Recognition
Object Detection
Security Alert using Trueface

Government agencies are tasked daily with uncovering a snippet of pertinent information from a mountain of camera data, amounting to having to find a needle in a haystack. Many of these tasks are better suited for computers who can repeatedly complete certain tasks more quickly and with much more accuracy than humans, who’s performance and accuracy fade quickly. 

Trueface significantly reduces the cognitive load placed on security teams responsible for monitoring those feeds, allowing them to uncover the “what” much more quickly and provide a decision advantage.

Mission-Critical Applications

Secure Site Access Control

Government agencies need to expedite ingress into their premises while maintaining a high level of security. Trueface enables automatic biometric authentication in a range of environments, simultaneously enhancing security and speed of entry.

Facial Recognition
License Plate Recognition
Situational Awareness

Real-time and post-event monitoring of our country’s borders and secure locations enhances government team’s environmental knowledge. Users can receive live alerts for persons of interest or immediately locate a person in a post-event situation. 

Facial Recognition
Facial Identification
Streaming Capabilities
Real-time Notifications
Drone-based Analysis
Auto Redact Faces


Increase Security and Efficiency
  • Know the exact location of persons of interest, objects, and assets in real-time and identify them immediately in past footage
  • Reduce the number of manual reviews and make more informed decisions with camera data you already collect
Reassign Human Capital
  • Increased ingress speeds to buildings reduce total hours charged by contractors
  • Fewer security personnel needed to monitor camera feeds for areas/people of concern
Get to the "What" Faster
  • Utilize existing or mobile camera infrastructure to better understand a physical space remotely
  • Significantly reduce the cognitive overhead required of security teams
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