Case Study

Enhancing Job-Site Security with Facial Recognition-Based Access Control


Field Control Analytics has improved security on construction sites by deploying Trueface's facial recognition as second- factor authentication for access control. Combined with an RFID badge, a facial match of the badge holder to their photo on file ensures the worker’s identity at entry points.

“With Trueface facial recognition, we can validate the identity of every person on a worksite with 100% certainty.”

Reid Rubinstein

CEO, Field Control Analytics

The Need

Increase job site security
Know exactly who is on site at any given time
Improve job site safety

The Implementation

  • Trueface engineers collaborated with the FCA team to integrate the Trueface Python SDK and Mobile iOS SDK into FCA’s ForceCount application
  • Added industrial cameras to turnstiles and integrated the RFID reader
  • Live at construction site in Las Vegas
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The Result

Improved Job Site Security

What are the results of achieving tighter security at the job site via two-factor authentication with face recognition?

  • Secure the job site - adds another layer of security on top of industry-standard access control practices to create a more secure environment. Adding facial recognition as a secondary authentication eliminates the possibility of a person gaining access to the job site by borrowing or stealing an RFID card.
  • Increased Safety - By certifying the identities of those onsite and thereby knowing if their certifications / compliance training are accurate and up to date, job site safety is increased as the risk of workplace accident and injury decreases.